Analyzing Power Lifting Data
  • Looking at how much lifters lift in terms of bench press, squats and, dead-lifts per gender.
  • See which competitions these countries are located that have the most disqualified lifters via a geo-scatter plot.
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sb
import pycountry
import as px
import zipfile
# load dataset# get the zip file of the data and then extract it using
zf = zipfile.ZipFile('')
powerlifting = pd.read_csv("openpowerlifting-2020-06-20/openpowerlifting-2020-06-20.csv"), low_memory=False)
Index(['Name', 'Sex', 'Event', 'Equipment', 'Age', 'AgeClass',
'BirthYearClass', 'Division', 'BodyweightKg', 'WeightClassKg',
'Squat1Kg', 'Squat2Kg', 'Squat3Kg', 'Squat4Kg', 'Best3SquatKg',
'Bench1Kg', 'Bench2Kg', 'Bench3Kg', 'Bench4Kg', 'Best3BenchKg',
'Deadlift1Kg', 'Deadlift2Kg', 'Deadlift3Kg', 'Deadlift4Kg',
'Best3DeadliftKg', 'TotalKg', 'Place', 'Dots', 'Wilks', 'Glossbrenner',
'Goodlift', 'Tested', 'Country', 'Federation', 'ParentFederation',
'Date', 'MeetCountry', 'MeetState', 'MeetTown', 'MeetName'],
powerlifting.shape # got close to 2 million powerlifting records# How many Men, Women and Mixed genders participate
gender_plot = sb.countplot(x="Sex", data=powerlifting)

Visualizing Lift Attempts Between Male and Females

# From what wee see here, there are much more Men that compete than woman in powerlifting meets.
# Mx is for mixed gender and there seems to be much less; 16 lifters to be exact.
mixed_gender = powerlifting[powerlifting["Sex"] == "Mx"]
# filter out the Mixed genders and create some histogram plots of how much lifters squat, bench and, deadlift
# and ranking scores
not_mixed_gender = powerlifting[powerlifting["Sex"] != "Mx"]
# histogram of gender vs each of the 3 Bench press attempts
g1 = sb.FacetGrid(not_mixed_gender, col="Sex"), "Bench1Kg")
g2 = sb.FacetGrid(not_mixed_gender, col="Sex"), "Bench2Kg")
g3 = sb.FacetGrid(not_mixed_gender, col="Sex"), "Bench3Kg")
# 3 attempts of squats for each gender
g4 = sb.FacetGrid(not_mixed_gender, col="Sex"), "Squat1Kg")
g5 = sb.FacetGrid(not_mixed_gender, col="Sex"), "Squat2Kg")
g6 = sb.FacetGrid(not_mixed_gender, col="Sex"), "Squat3Kg")
g7 = sb.FacetGrid(not_mixed_gender, col="Sex"), "Deadlift1Kg")
g8 = sb.FacetGrid(not_mixed_gender, col="Sex"), "Deadlift2Kg")
g9 = sb.FacetGrid(not_mixed_gender, col="Sex"), "Deadlift3Kg")

Where In the World are Lifters Being Disqualified at?

  • Filter the data to only have lifters who were disqualified.
  • Calculate the number of lifters disqualified per meet country.
  • Add a ISO alpha 3 code to the data for the purpose of creating the scatter geo plot. To know more about ISO alpha 3 country codes, click here.
  • Use the programming python’s plotly package to create the plot.
This page uses data from the OpenPowerlifting project,
You may download a copy of the data at



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